Let’s develop ourselves!    Let’s develop those around us!
Let’s develop our native!
– – Komal Anbarasan
Founder, Kaviri

Komal Anbarasan mayiladuthurai

To function with the backing of enthusiastic youth and the guidance of concerned elders – this is the founding principle of ‘Kaviri.’

Real development and progress of the society must begin from the individual. Only such transformation has ever-lasting impact. It is the duty of the individual to first elevate himself and then strive for the upliftment of those around him. Those who have elevated themselves in their lives and are helping fellow human beings should also strive to uplift their rural communities.

All these three tasks are interlinked. Coordinated development of man and the society happens only when all three of these occur simultaneously – the individual progresses, the family develops and the society evolves and attains self-sufficiency. When all these occur together, Tamil Nadu begins to grow. India begins to transform and grow in abundance and wealth. This is the target that ‘Kaviri’ is aiming at and working for.

Kaviri’s prime field of work is the Cauvery delta region, the farmers and the agricultural labourers who depend on these lands for their survival, and the village communities they belong to. From this point of origin, we intend to spread our activities to the entire state of Tamil Nadu.

Come, let’s join hands together!
Let’s create an abundant and affluent society!