We help the students achieve high standards in education. We offer them assistance in education, talent development opportunities, and guidance in tackling the examinations. We conduct spoken English classes and counselling sessions for higher education. We regularly offer them life-education – something that the schools and colleges do not give. This ensures that the youth energy is channelled into positive and constructive aspects and eventually benefits them, their families and their communities.

Career and Job Opportunities

We explain to the students and the young job-seekers the importance of acquiring all the necessary skills to prepare themselves for the job environment, based on the expectations of their employers. We conduct workshops to impart these skills. We also counsel them and offer all possible assistance for them to launch their own small and micro industries. We regularly collaborate with nationalized banks and other private financial institutions to organise guidance programmes for those with entrepreneurial ambitions, and help them overcome the obstacles in their paths. In this regard, we regularly publish easy-to-understand books and booklets that offer them all the relevant information.

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