Agricultural Assistance

Farming continues to be the biggest employment-generating sector in the Cauvery delta region. Seminars and discussions by agricultural experts are regularly conducted in the Cauvery irrigation belt for the farmers. Experts also advise and train the farmers on the ideal crop combinations to choose, based on seasonal factors. We continue to indulge in various confidence-building ventures among farmers, in order to reduce the exodus of people from farming. We create awareness about the various schemes launched by the state and central governments aimed at farming. Each year, in collaboration with the government and private sector companies, we choose a handful of villages and implement several agriculture-related schemes.

Conservation of water bodies

We are involved in conserving, maintaining, rescuing and reviving the water bodies, which form the backbone of agriculture, with the participation of the local villagers.

Greenery Everywhere!

With the support of the local students, we are involved in a massive campaign to create ‘green’ villages, by planting trees and maintaining the existing ones.
We are creating awareness among the farmers on cultivating teak and sandalwood tress on barren lands, which could substantially improve the rural economy. We train each and every household in the village on how to raise such cash-trees, and also provide free saplings to them. As part of our attempt to bring greenery back to the villages, we are involved in planting and maintaining trees along the sides of the road.


With the support of the government and various private companies, we are involved in various projects to provide and improve basic infrastructure facilities like roads, drinking water, toilets and community halls in the rural areas.

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